Cosmetology/Nail Tech Instructor Program - Courses

Instructor Program – 500 Hours

The purpose of the Instructor Course is to train the student in the basic teaching skills, educational judgments, proper work habits, and desirable attitudes necessary for competency in entry level employment as an instructor in their respective field.  This course gives instruction in the development of methods of teaching, curriculum design, and laboratory management.  Upon successful completion of this program, documentation will be submitted to the Virginia Board of Cosmetology.  With the Boards approval of the documentation the student will be issued a License as an instructor in the area of their current licensure.

Upon completion of the course requirements, the determined graduate will be able to:

  • Project a positive attitude and sense of personal integrity and self-confidence.
  • Practice proper grooming and effective communication skills and visual poise.
  • Understand employer-employee relationships and respect the need to deliver a worthy service
  • Perform the basic skills necessary for teaching: writing lesson plans, performing lectures and conducting demonstrations.
  • Direct student projects, conduct theory classes, and monitor student practice.
  • Develop Visual aids
  • Evaluate student work
  • Maintain student records


Training Segment
Lecture Hours
Clinic Hours
Total Hours
Theory – Classroom Instruction 5 30 35
Master Educator – Educator Relationships 5 45 50
Developing a Program of Study 5 45 50
Educational Aids 5 20 25
Teaching Skills – Presentation Techniques 5 45 50
Classroom Management 10 65 75
Dynamic Clinic 10 65 75
Evaluation and Testing 5 20 25
Teaching and Learning Methods – Learner Results 5 45 50
Licensure and Employment Requirements 5 45 50
Miscellaneous 15
Total 500